I am a dreamer about you, I am a dreamer about myself, Although it is a nightmare for me to dream about you and myself

Thursday, May 08, 2014

An empty reality

Economy slowly killing me.. I'm just a lame person that really in a "comfort zone".. I've tried several times but God still haven't heard yet my pray, or maybe someday it will emerge.. or maybe it doesn't really wanna come.. I'm just a little person that praying and hoping for the best of us. I've tried and I'm failed, again and again.. I could not take this anymore, depress and suffer beyond fantasy.. crying out loud inside me, yelling through out my ears..

It's all because freaking economy that tearing me apart.. :-( I need an encouragement not an argument that leads me toward the dead end.. frustration all around me, need some space of motivation that helping my mind to solve it. I don't know, my writing day by day month by month year by year, all about condemning myself.. complaining about myself.. God please help me.. :'-(

Friday, March 14, 2014

Hari ku runsing
Hari ku marah
Hari ku binggung
Ada tak solusi nya?

Baik ku buruk mu
Jahat ku jahat mu
Diam ku diam mu
Pernah tak aku kisah?

Aku tahu diri ku
Kau pun tahu diri kau
Kita semua tak sempurna
Tapi smp bila?

Mari lah kita berdoa kpd Nya
Moga kita dpt keberkatan Nya..

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Dunia manusia

Dunia ini kadang kala menjadi satu tempat org menzalimi manusia.. redha dgn ketentuanNya dan tawakal

Monday, March 03, 2014

Masalah itu ujian

Tidak boleh lari drpd masalah, ia dtg dan ia pergi, yg hidup mahupun yg mati, yg kaya mahupun yg miskin, yg sempurna mahupun yg kurang upaya, jadi kita semua mempunyai masalah yg tersendiri, tempuhinya atau pun melarikan diri darinya, tapi percaya lah ia sebahagian drpd dugaan Nya.. besar atau kecil kita harus merentasi harungan itu dgn waras dan penuh kesabaran, lambat atau cepat terpulang pd diri Nya utk diberikan pd kita. Aku masih waras dan bersyukur pd Nya agar mempermudahkan masalah yg aku hadapi, moga aku dpt apa yg aku hajati dan impi kn selama ini.. amin Ya Allah..


I don't know where to start, I don't know the plan for today neither tomorrow nor in future, for some reason I must stand tall and strong beside people around me, I confuse with myself confuse with the plan that has been planned, please GOD show me some other road that leads me to happiness here and hereafter. I know I'm just a tiny little person that prays, so hear my pray ... InshaAllah everything will good today, tomorrow and in a future.. please pity for me... Right now I'm so down, I'm so weak, I'm losing my touch as a human being.. I'm praying day and night for the best to my family and myself.. hopefully that's been heard.. amin...

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Life goes on..

After a while I didn't open my blog, so now let's blog..writing writer! 1year and 2months I've married.. its a different kind of life..almost all matters shared.. there's a sweetness of marriage life..in about, 10more days syawal will come to visit our victory, or shall I say a Muslim victory.. alhamdulillah..so, til we meet again my alphabetical friends.. I've lost my touch in writing.. but again, today was a big success for me to post.. thanks world!

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

The scariest moment by Pus & Buu ( one upon a time to...)

you cant see me?!

bimbang akan kejadian diluar kereta

pose tapi cuak ;P

bila da smp kat hotel... masing2 takut tgk specis kucing kat situ sume bulu kembang2...bulu depa (puss & buu) suma pendek & lebat...fuh gonna miss them...huuu~

What else can i give? I'm so down to earth accepting all those large meteor and tiny little stone toward my head... I am just a vulnerable person that not so influence to everybody...but my heart knows that, there's a kind heart person out there that knows me well... I'm accepting all kind of negative impact right now...so at the end of all this...I hope the effect of negative turn to be positive to rejuvenate myself..inside out... GOD, please give a a strength & wisdom to overcome this scenario...

Wednesday, February 03, 2010


I has been a long time i didnt post anything here!haha... huh...kinda busy + no internet connection source. my life, now feeling good and great, its good for sometimes having a "down" sad day which i can call it emo day...but basically its a thing normal for people who wanted to evolve him/her self upon to the next level...

Me and my dear (ofilia) going well and of course we are on the next level to be together, insyallah... there's been ups and downs toward our relationship, but i thing that each of us buried in mind that what ever happen we control the situation positively and tolerate in any form of language. the more and more we are, we evolve to understanding each other well time by time..right dear?

Move on to my band situation and journey. its been tough days for "DISCOVER LAURA MINOR" to keep it up the passion of music in each of us... line up for d.l.m. now is me, k-rol and new member nuar... sad for d.l.m. when our x-guitarist falls down to quit because maybe he was to frustrated and anger all around his line... but let bygone be bygone...one out and more future for d.l.m. comes... Insyallah we will produce our own demo, rough demo in this FEB 2010...hopefully...

the ups and downs is a normal thing that happen in everyday life...its up to us how we handle it...with positive steps or the other way. it makes me think how beauty of life manner could be, and sure HE will look at us to judge what option that we'll take to survive in this great earth... think positive and you rock your own world!